Hygiene and Contamination - Eye Pressure

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As with any medical procedure the necessity to keep everything clean and sterilized is highly important and not to transmit any diseases between patients.
The rebound tonometer uses disposable probes, which are changed between patients and the eye is not deformed in any measurable amount, which mean contaminates on the eye do not get dislodged and possibly create micro aerosols.
Contact tonometer uses a prism which can either be covered with a disposable tip or the prism itself is sterilized in a solution after each exam.
Non-contact tonometer’s have no contact so there is no need for cleaning but because the eye is deformed during the test and when the eye returns to its natural shape, any fluid or contaminates on the eye can be catapulted out to the surrounding area, including the nozzle used to expel the air.

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