Rebound Tonometers - Eye Pressure

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Rebound Tonometers
Icare® TA01i
Icare® TA01i tonometer

Icare® tonometer for quick and easy IOP measurement without anesthesia or air
The original Icare® tonometer is based on a proven accurate measuring principle, in which a very light probe is used to make momentary and gentle contact with the cornea. The device not only make IOP measuring a more pleasant experience for all patients, it is also an important break-through for succeeding with non-compliant patients (e.g. children and dementia patients).
The easy usage and dynamic patient flow obtained by the Icare® tonometer makes it a very important instrument for general practitioners, optometrists, occupational health care, pharmacies and other medical personnel.
Requiring no drops, air or specialized skills for its use the quick and painless Icare® tonometer makes IOP measuring easy and has an important role in glaucoma screening programs of masses.
Icare® PRO
Icare® PRO tonometer

Icare® PRO tonometer with superior accuracy and downward measuring of supine patients
Icare® PRO's advanced features developed for demanding specialists:
  • A built in inclination sensor allows downward measuring of supine patients
  • Enhanced measuring algorithm with increased number of measurement parameters
  • Scrollable history of over thousand measurement results
  • A color display to make each reading clear and easy to perceive
  • Refined probe for better cost efficiency in large volumes
  • Icare® LINK software
  • USB connection for data transfer and charging
Icare® HOME tonometer
Icare® HOME tonometer

IOP self-monitoring anywhere, anytime
Icare® HOME tonometer is designed for home use for Glaucoma Patients or suspects, who need regular IOP monitoring by Ophthalmologists recommendation.
Icare® HOME enables IOP monitoring anywhere and anytime, and it is one of the first methods for 24h IOP monitoring outside the clinic.
The new concept with continuous monitoring provides more information to the Ophthalmologist and comfort for the patient. Also, the clinic efficiency can be improved.
The device is based on a rebound measuring principle that requires no drops, air or specialized skills for its use.
Icare® ic100 TONOMETER
Icare® ic100 TONOMETER

The device is based on a rebound measuring principle that requires no drops, air or specialized skills for its use.
Icare® ic100 KEY FEATURES
Icare® AMS
Automatic measuring sequence –
series and single mode with one button
Icare® EasyNav
Advanced navigation interface
Icare® EasyPos
Intelligent positioning assistant for the correct alignment of the tonometer
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